Etobicoke is located in western part of Toronto. It was settled as early back as 1790. It has a lot of history in Canada, yet remains at the front of modern day architecture and innovation. It’s also a hot spot for a lot of tourism. It’s close to the beach and has some of the most magnificent condos offered in the entire country.

This has lead to a lot of diversity in the area. There are citizens from all around the globe and all they seem to enjoy forming a tight-knit community that you don’t see often in large cities. The word “etobicoke” originally meant “a place where alders grow”.

High-quality condominiums are one of the main attractions in the area. Etobicoke is either home to or located near some of the best premier condominiums around. There are also a few great projects intended to bring new buildings to the city.

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Upcoming Etobicoke Condos

There are some really exciting projects that are coming up in 20016 and 2016. They are great for moving in as well as for investing. Some of these are:

Eau Du Soleil

Eau Du Soleil will forever be remembered as one of the greatest architectural marvels in Toronto West area. At it’s core, it is a condo that offers rooms with the best view in the land. However, there’s so much more to this new project.

The location is one of the many things that make this new project ideal. It’s only a short distance from the beach. There are nearby travels that twist and curve through beautiful Canadian scenery. It’s a massive, unmistakable building, yet it’s surrounded by so much peaceful nature.

Eau Du Soleil is close to many of the town’s favorite shops. There are also nearby restaurants, banks, and transportation. Everything you could possibly need to survive in Ontario is within walking distance of Eau Du Soleil.

Sophistication was the key to the design. Floor plans are divided among the two buildings. There is the Sky Tower and the Water Tower. Both have floor plans ranging from one to three bedrooms.

4 The Kingsway

Another condominium project that’s generating a lot of buzz is the Kingsway. Unlike Eau Du Soleil which is a perfection of modernism, 4 The Kingsway reflects a much more classical taste. It’s being developed by North Drive and is only in the pre-construction phase at the moment, but will be moving forward soon.

The 4 The Kingsway only features 45 different units. However, each one is inspired by historic European homes. They are really unique and unlike anything else you’ll see in Toronto. It’s 9 stories high and the average size is around 1,500 feet.

Cloud 9 Condos

One final project worth mentioning is Cloud 9. They are currently under construction and are looking to be yet another marvel of modern engineering and architecture. Their building is more cubical than it is tall, but it gives it a really sleek and sophisticated appearance.

There’s no front-row view of the beach at Cloud 9, but there are some beautiful views nonetheless. Just outside are local parks, preserved green fields, and then the beautiful city of Toronto. You can view it all from translucent glass balconies.

See For Yourself

Some of these projects are still under development, but there’s still a lot to see in Etobicoke already. There are sure to be condos there that meet your needs if you don’t feel like waiting for these latest developments.